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Full Service

A full service is a complete strip and rebuild. This includes de-grease, inspection, re-assembly, re-grease and oil where required.

Inclusive is also a full clutch strip down clean and re grease.

Plus replacement components if required. You will be contacted beforehand. 

Return delivery included


Services & Products

Custom Rebuild

We offer a wide range of reel customisation.

Reels are de-greased, inspected, placed in ultra-sonic parts washer. The reels are then sprayed with a two pack epoxy primer, then followed by the requied two pack epoxy colours. re-assembled and re-greased and oil as required. 

We have many other processes to achieve your required custom look.



Sprung Loaded Line Clips


Wooden Handle Conversions


Carbon Drag Washers


Slow Osciliation Systems

Spool Anodising