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Daiwa Emblem Quick Drag Cap


South Custom Reels daiwa emblem quick drag cap.


These caps speed your reel drag up to 1 turn.


These caps are designed to mimic the original emblem cap while increasing the speed of the drag up to 1 full turn from loose to lock up. Similar to the original cap there is no click feedback.


These caps are produced from aero grade aluminium which is then anodised black with a white detail engraved into the top of the cap.


Priced Per Cap


Fits the following reels:

  • Daiwa Emblem X
  • Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel
  • Daiwa Emblem Z 5000A
  • Daiwa Emblem Z
  • Daiwa Emblem Pro
  • Daiwa Longbeam

Daiwa Emblem Quick Drag Cap