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BH12 4PA

This rod is a derivative of FBS and designed for use on smaller venues, floater fishing, canals or rivers and has landed carp to over 30lb from an urban canal.


  • Fully ground with a Lifelong blank finish.
  • Fully Ground blank having a 1K carbon weave from the butt section and up to the second ring with natural carbon to the tip.
  • Black on black cosmetics.
  • A 1K carbon weave DPS Style reel seat utilising Fuji screw fitting and hoods with a 1K weave winding check.
  • 5 inch flared rubber butt grip with logo etched in a black aluminium butt cap.
  • Ring sizes (mm): 40 to 12.
  • Custom build available.

Century CQ (Close Quarter) Carp Rod 11ft 2.75lb